PHOTO GALLERY: 'Fame' Premieres in LA

"Fame! I'm gonna live forever, baby remember my name!"

And it's finally here! The new, updated version of Fame had its Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday night at the Grove, and the movie's young stars lit up the red carpet.

Check out our brand new gallery from the Fame premiere, which includes Ashley Tisdale, Asher Book, Jessica Lowdnes, Kay Panabaker, and many more celebs!



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  • conchitalagunas

    You see new video Nude ?
    Great Girl!

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  • mrs. westwick
    mrs. westwick

    Cool lovely Ash :) (L)

  • alexandrea

    wtf, she's not anorexic fxcktard. she was born naturally thin and not some fat ass bxtch. so jmilly go fxck yourself

  • hey hey hey
    hey hey hey

    i think she looks amazing! :]

  • obsessed

    her hair is messed, but i love the outfit! GO ANGELA! (lol)

  • jmilly

    shes a very... nondescript girl. besides the long horse face, there isn't anything that sets her apart from the rest of the anorexically thin blondes.

  • cristine

    hm...she's a nice girl now she's got that blonde hair again, she looked prettier before. i don't wanna be mean but what's with this outfit? it looks like pajamas, honestly.