PHOTO GALLERY: Anna Paquin Rides the Waves

She's got an amazing body, so why is she covering it up?

True Blood star Anna Paquin hit the beach for some boogie boarding in Los Angeles on Thursday and failed to show off her bikini bod for the lurking photographers.

C'mon Sookie. We've seen you naked on the show more times than we can count. Give a little!

At least she's having fun...check out the pics right here!



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  • mia

    anna paquin is amazing one..i hope she play again a rogue in x-men,,true blood so far is the best series in U.S that conquer the world..

  • christwarrior

    shes amazing,,sweet but rockin ozzzing appeal,,no wonder shes the new american sweet heart,,thoug shes canadian/new zealander,,here in philippines we support her.

  • philippines pride
    philippines pride

    shes sweet but,, quite dengerous,,shes amazing,,,effortless beauty... one of a few in hollywood,

  • Jenna

    I mean anyone who bodyboards sometimes knows that.

  • Jenna

    She is wearing the top because of the salt and sand in the water, if you don't wear a top, the sand & salt will scratch your belly, and believe me, that's really painfull, it gives some kind of rash, and sometimes it can start to bleed.

  • ansi