Miley Cyrus Is Definitely Getting Sex-ed In The City

Miley Cyrus Is Definitely Getting Sex-ed In The City-photo

The rumors are true!

Miley Cyrus will be filming a cameo appearance in the upcoming sequel to Sex And The City.

Gossip Cop reports that the 16-year-old actress will wear the same dress to a red carpet event that Kim Cattrall’s character buys to look “hot and young.” In the current script, Mario Cantone’s character Anthony responds by exclaiming, “Mother of God:  She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.”

For now, Miley has no speaking lines. But she's probably not complaing—what teenager WOULDN'T wanna mingle with Carrie Bradshaw and the girls?



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  • mff

    hmm.. i just can say Good Luck , n GBU ! ;) if that's good for u, good for your fans too. :D : MFF . (miley fan forever.)

  • mfan

    "me". true! was very offensive. Either 1) celebuzz edited out her offensive content ( she came right out and called Miley a whore ) [the top lines of her message are missing], or 2) true! was actually a celebuzz plant/;shill, putting up offensive comments to increase activity on their page/site, or 3) not to be paranoid, but you could be a celebuzz employee trying to drag Miley and/or her fans down. At least one of those things are true. If you had the original text of the message, it would be clear that this was an older person who doesn't like Miley's stand on pre-maritial sex. What am I supposed to think? Peace and love to all Miley fans (not the fakers.)

  • me

    Mfan. Wow. Thats pretty gross of you to go around saying everyone who doesn't like miley is a slut. :/ How can you assume she and her friends are sluts thru her comment? You are a horrible person. ;p And go ahead and say I'm a slut for calling me out. Anyways. Good for her tho, if shes a big fan, then she must be happy about it.

  • mfan

    Just wanted to give a shoutout for the best headline on this topic - Funny! To the online faker true!: Sex In The City will be rated 'R'. I know that did't stop you and your slutty friends when you were younger, but they card now. Unlike you, who it's too late for, Miley's goal is to refrain from pre-maritial sex. If she ends up in this movie, it will be great; all of her projects have been successful. Miley Rocks!!!

  • true!

    no, way miley, is a whore, but , even I have got to admit, she would never do that to her fans, knowing how old they are. They might watch the movie, because she is in it, and think it is okay.

  • Nothing

    I doubt it's true. Gossip Cop? What a reliable website....

  • Nur Zafirah
    Nur Zafirah

    Do your best!!!! I always support you....