Kim Kardashian Reunites With Reggie Bush After Khloe's Wedding

Kim Kardashian Reunites With Reggie Bush After Khloe's Wedding-photo

Apparently, watching her sister Khloe tie the knot with Lamar Odom on Sunday got Kim Kardashian thinking about the state of her own love life. Big-time.

E! Online reports that Kim has literally flown back into the arms of her former beau, New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush, after catching a plane to the Big Easy on Sunday night after her sis' wedding.

According to an insider,

"The wedding made her miss him, so she flew to see him."

Kardashian and Bush broke up in July, citing conflicting schedules, but have shown signs of a reunion since then.

And the fact that Bush's mother, stepfather and brother were at Khloe's Los Angeles wedding on Sunday probably didn't do much to chase thoughts of Reggie out of Kim's mind.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kim and Reggie can make it work this time?



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  • C.Blay

    I love Kim and Reggie together. They were so cute and perfect. Hopefully everything will go back to normal with the two. The definatly should get married next!

  • vpopadiuc87

    yessiiirrr i hope so i love them both !

  • MrsMoe

    YES!!! Kim and Reggie are awesome together! They deserve to be happy.

  • manuel

    dang girl u so fine

  • cutichick0100

    WILL thats good news, I Love kim and I'm so happy for her, I can't believe that but, no one KNOWS maybe their are back to each other ^_^ but if they are back I'm SO SO SO HAPPY FOR KIMMY

  • Anna

    YAY!! So happy for them two I love Kim & Reggie together! They will make it work!! It's about compromise, love and priorities! Congrats to them! I hope they will be next to marry!!!