Taylor Lautner Doesn't Like Being Ogled

Taylor Lautner Doesn't Like Being Ogled-photo

Taylor Lautner would like you to know: He's more than just a chiseled hunk of werewolf to be leered at.

The Twilight beefcake—who added  30 pounds of muscle to his frame in order to retain his role of werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight sequel New Moon—tells Us Magazine that he's become self-conscious over the attention that his beefed-up body has received.

"It's actually quite uncomfortable knowing so many people are seeing that!" the 17-year-old told the magazine at Teen Vogue's 7th Annual Young Hollywood party in Los Angeles. "It's a bit embarrassing!"

Sigh; such are the trials of fame...

You heard the man, people. Can we all stop drooling over his buff form so that he can carry on his life in peace?

Yeah, we didn't think so...

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Taylor should really be embarrassed over his body?



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  • Giana


  • Izzie

    then he should leave his shirt on.nowonderyouresingle.blogspot.co m Like he has a choice. And the only reason you could be saying that is 'cause you're hating on him. Hating on him because he plays Jacob Black, perhaps? Perhaps. Please dont comment like that on a Taylor-related article. Jacob fans who actually have a good reason for reading this may read your comment and my ofended. Me,included. Please, just dont speak about him.

  • soical_queen

    NO, i don't think he should be... He worked hard for that body, 30 pounds is alot. I think what makes him really uncomfrontable is all the attention for the girls and old people. lol. He still is 17 and i think somethings he would like to keep to himselve

  • browneyedsas237

    well no, i don't feel like he needs to be embarrassed about it because he deff worked hard to get where he is but i can see how he's a little self-conscious about it. i mean, for real, he's proly gotten more than half his fans just since he's bulked up. really?! who WANTS to be liked JUST for their body? (if your not a shallow person, NO ONE likes it!) i am glad to hear him say this though. it shows that he's not all about the body which people obsess over way to much these days. for real people. get over it. drool a little and move on. this guys got TALENT! and he's young. young and legit talent in one package is rare these days. for real people, there's more to this kid than "meets the eye".

  • Claudia

    No he must keep his top off mmmmm boy u fine!!!!!

  • fdesignercuttie

    how can he say that? well, not really our fault his body is HOT! so blame yourself :D hehe.

  • Matea Mickaya
    Matea Mickaya

    I think he shouldn't be self-conscious 'cause he has a great body, but almost every 17-year old boy/girl would be a bit a shamed showing the whole world his body.

  • phenomee

    LOL why the heck should he be self-conscious? okay, so he's only seventeen and hes showing his "beefed-up" body to everyone watching new moon, but he shouldn't have anything to worry about. he's hot (Y)

  • LoveJacob

    Maybe cuz he's only 17 and having girls/women chase after him only for that body (most don't like his face) is not something he wants to be known for. Would u want ppl druling over ur body? No matter how good u looked? Wot teenager u know likes being viewed as a sex object? Male or female? Just cuz old/new interviews are comming out of the woodworks now that the movie is almost out, doesn't mean he's the 1 talking about his body and the hard work he had to put in to keep his part. If stupid "reporters" keep asking him the same mundane done to death questions, wot is he suppose to do? Don't blame him for answering questions that the press asks him. He's just doing his best wt wot he's been given. Deal wt it already. They all look uncomfertable when they're asked the same boring questions over and over again by every other news person.

  • lizbizz11

    Ahhh....his body is woth looking at. He should be happy

  • obsessed

    WOW! why would he be embarrassed by a body like his!!! i think his body is finee though i dont really think he's hawt! (I LOVE THE ABS) and i totally agree with you evita, his team fans shoudlve handle his image wayy better! OH WELL IM TEAM ROB FOREVER!

  • evita1500

    Dude YOU have been talking about your muscles for a whole year&now you don't like people talking about them? Sorry, your "team" should've handled your image better kid, sorry!

  • lahe27

    no! he's sooooo hot! who would be self conscious with a bod like THAT!!!

  • nowonderyouresingle

    then he should leave his shirt on. nowonderyouresingle.blogspot.com