VIDEO: Selena Gomez Rox the Roxy—Live!

VIDEO: Selena Gomez Rox the Roxy—Live!-photo

It looks like Selena Gomez is really taking this whole music thing seriously, y'all!

The Wizards of Waverly Place star—whose debut album, Kiss & Tell, hits stores on September 29—took to the stage of renowned Hollywood music spot the Roxy on Saturday, rocking the audience's faces off during a private show with her crack pop outfit The Scene.

Check out footage from the concert, including Selena performing "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," "Kiss & Tell" and "Falling Down." And don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!



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  • Anakaren Barrera
    Anakaren Barrera

    IS hard not to like SELENA she is so talented and I bought the cd guys its great amazing I am speechless~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love IT

  • Adam

    [quote=Matea Mickaya]I think she's great, but didn't she cut her hair like, a few weeks a go? how come she has long hair here*???? Two words, Hair Extensions.

  • Sly

    Selena,you were amazing in those videos. All those songs sounded great!

  • guest

    I love her voice.... And since I'm a guy that's in love with Selena Gomez, I think she looks good in short shorts!

  • selenaloverz

    omg!! selenas wearing shorts!! like WTF i sthe big deal!!!! is she not allowed to wear shorts?!! i wera shorts a lot am i a slut beacuse i am? LEAVE SELENA ALONE!! she is the best role model ever!!!

  • fdesignercuttie

    WTF. look now selena's wearing shorts. i dont people complaining. this is unfair. selena and miley are both awesome. why cant they be treated the same?

  • Matea Mickaya
    Matea Mickaya

    I think she's great, but didn't she cut her hair like, a few weeks a go? how come she has long hair here*????

  • syrina

    what a role model isn't she ? i wondering why you don't put comment on her outfits i meant her short or just because she is Selena she can do it but miley just can't lives a normal teenager life I have no thing against Selena she is amazing but celebuzz aren't being and miley is great role model &singer n actress god blessed her

  • bellla

    i dont know what to say i really couldnt hear her voice...but to me its a little weird that she is singing, ive listen to her on other occasions and she is nothing more than ordinary.

  • Panny-Wanny

    i didn't liked her outfit, she know s how to dress cool, and this time she didn't. About the music, i really loved it, i'm in love with Falling Down, the best song ever, really, and the new version of Tell Me Something I Don't Know, it's really cool, but i don't like that much, rather the old version...