VIDEO: Tinsel Korey Covers RPattz's "Never Think"

VIDEO: Tinsel Korey Covers RPattz's

Homage, or one-upsmanship?

During a recent visit to First Beach on the Quileute Reservation in LaPush, Washington, Tinsel Korey—who plays Sam Uley's fiancée Emily in the Twilight saga—busted out the six-string and delivered a haunting rendition of "Never Think," the song performed by Robert Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments section: Who did it better, Tinsel or RPattz?



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  • Samoys

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  • Nice Girl
    Nice Girl

    Okay , well we all know how amazing Rob is , but you've gotta admit , the girl does the song pretty well . Even though we love Rob , we can't deny that his voice is more unique than some others . It works for him and I REALLY wish he would just make a full album , but Tinsel can do it well enough . The question is , why did they pick her to be Emily ?!

  • Yodel

    Don't like this version Robert does the song much better.

  • chealsea

    oh please don't try to cover rpattz's songs like Rob's girlfriend Kristen said at comic com "don't record his songs"

  • //

    wtf? like someone said before oh hell no!

  • 123

    yawn terrible sorry but its true

  • kaka

    Well seeing as the song sucked to begin with...she couldn't do more damage. hahahaa thats kind of funny. its ok

  • kania

    I really like it. it' amazing... she has interesting voice, I think...

  • honor

    her beak of a nose bothers me ... i can't get past that; but listening to the song without staring at her butter face actually isn't that bad

  • obsessed

    oh eww no. this song is good when rob sings it :) i dont like tht she's playing emily.. they couldve found someone better i think..

  • sma

    no hell no

  • amber

    wow this song is a wonderful........lots of feeling( for the shallow understanding such a song is too much to ask) she does ok but rob has a very soulful and earthy toan that highlights each rift.

  • spamthis

    Well seeing as the song sucked to begin with...she couldn't do more damage.

  • Chris

    Rpattz. Don't like this version much. She has a nice voice though.