Adam Lambert Rages Against the "American Idol" Machine

Adam Lambert Rages Against the

Let it be known—Adam Lambert is his own man.

The American Idol fave tells E! Online that he's no mere cog in the Idol machine, and is taking his destiny into his own hands with his upcoming debut album.

Lambert asserts,

"I think there's a little bit of a misconception out in the public that people that come out of American Idol are puppetted and kind of controlled. That hasn't been my experience one bit. They've been completely supportive and collaborative with me and all the powers that be are really trying to facilitate my artistic vision."

Lambert even says that he's co-written a number of songs on the disc-to-be, and has worked hard with producers RedOne, Linda Perry and Ryan Tedder to bring his singular creative vision to fruition.

The singer enthuses,

"I really feel I've gotten to inject a lot of this music on the album with my own personal vocal stylings and my own lyrical content. A lot of it talks about stuff I really care about and that I find interesting, so that feels really good."

Yes it does, Adam. Yes it does.

Let us know in the comments section: Are you eager to hear what Adam Lambert comes up with on his debut album?



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  • suzy

    absolutely loking forward to this artists album it will be a sensation of the century

  • CC, 20
    CC, 20

    I’m a huge Adam fan, but the hype is so crazy that I’m just hoping he delivers and that it all doesn’t backfire on him. I'm just kinda worried. It is humanly impossible to meet the sort of hyperbole surrounding him, I don't know how he deals with the high expecations, my brain would explode. He did admit the pressure got to him a little. I haven't pre-ordered, I'll wait for his album. I may not even like his music. I hope I do because he's a crazy-talented, genuine, sweet, funny, good humored guy. But y'know, I may not like his music.

  • jaberone

    I think your headline is very misleading. In fact, ADAM is RAVING about AI. He had nothing but good things to say. I can't imagine ADAM saying anything negative about anything. He is so appreciative of what he has, and of his fans, and we love him for that!

  • Chunkymunky

    Loooove Adam's voice. It's so much better than that tw*t whatshisface Clay.

  • Clark

    What an underhanded way to get people to click on your site. You really have no shame. Adam is a fine, decent man who has remained humble and who only wants to entertain. If he were to rage and I doubt it, it would be against misleading and purulent headlines like this. Go stand in the corner.

  • deniseq

    DON"T be talking smack about our ADAM !! Nobody going to believe it anyway!!! Take your wares somewhere else!!! Nothing but LOVE for you ADAM !!

  • Kiki

    Were you making a reference to the band, Rage Against the Machine with their unique music/political combo with that headline? Or were you trying to cast Adam as a character in some story in which he is the underdog fighting the barricades of corporate mediocrity/blandness? In any case, Adam has made numerous statements about his happiness over the album, that his producers were on HIS wish list, and that his management (Simon Fuller) has been nothing but supportive. I am looking forward to his cd and his solo tour.

  • AdamFan

    I agree with the other posters.You either need to correct this headline or be put in the camp of Adam haters out to hurt his reputation. Which do you choose? (And naturally we will boycott all haters)

  • Vicki W
    Vicki W

    I think you need to do another headline that corrects this very incorrect one. It only makes you look like you have no credibility. There is nothing to indicate rage of any sort, Please take responsibility for your mistake. Thanks.

  • maryann

    I DONT LIKE YOUR HEADLINE THERE!!! You are making Adam into an ungrateful person.

  • Dee


  • mkimber

    Already pre-ordered, can't wait for this release. Adam is a force to be reckoned with, evident with this surge all by word-of-mouth from fans alone!

  • ellieg

    Yes, the title is misleading, but then we all know what Adam is about and I'm not falling into that trap of explaning myself again! He needs no deffence - he is an amazing person, an increadable artist and I am so proud of him! His no title, no cover, no promo album-to-be got to #2 at Amazon pre-orders for NO TIME - that shows me how many devoted fans he has and I'm proud to be one of them! I can hardly wait for the CD to come out - this suspence is killing me! But when it comes down to Adam - it is all worth it BIG TIME!

  • susan

    VERY MISLEADING HEADLINE! .........You don't need to grab our attention .. Adam already has that. sa

  • Angel

    I don't know what's the motivation with your title which can be misconstrued. ADAM is a sweet decent grateful person and your title pictures him in another light. I wonder why can't we all take a lesson from ADAM how he conducts himself with dignity, respect and integrity without sensationalizing anything for whatever motivation. Anyway, just want to say I'm buying his album not only for me but to put some under the Christmas tree for family and friends to enjoy.

  • lindajean139

    You bet I'm looking forward to it. I already ordered it through Amazon. It's been avaliable for pre-order only 2 days now and it's already #2 on the Amazon charts.

  • Kerry

    Adam is a force of nature. I do not think anyone would be able to treat him like a puppet. He is very much his own person. All of Adam's life was dedicated to being an entertainer, so he at 27 has the knowledge and skills to know what he wants to write and sing. Anyone that has listened to his interviews knows that he is very intelligent and creative. Why would anyone even want to not just sit back, let him lose and watch him take the world by storm? I am sure Simon Fuller knows how lucky he is that Adam was not discovered long before now. My album is pre ordered and i can hardly wait!

  • Josie

    Way to make Adam sound ungrateful for "American Idol", guys. That headline couldn't possibly be more misleading. Adam is "raging" against nothing; he's commenting on how much support he has received from The Powers That Be as he tries to fulfill his artistic vision. Personally, I can't wait to hear his album. He's an unbelievable vocalist, with incredible range and versatility. He has been consistently, and very endearingly, enthusiastic about the album, and his collaborators have been every bit as enthusiastic about him and his performances on the tracks. Despite the time constraints, I think it's going to be fabulous.