PHOTO GALLERY: The Lohan Girls Shop Paris

Seriously, how does she still have money to shop like this?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted shopping in Paris with little sister Ali on Tuesday. The "actress" just finished up a hosting gig for the F1 Rocks concerts in Singapore.

LiLo wore a short leather biker jacket, navy dress, dark tights and studded black boots, along with a super-funky headband.

See for yourself in our new gallery!



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  • totalrapture

    It's interesting. I noticed that people only comment on when she looks "bad," or "old," but not when she actually looks cute. Stop hating on her and realize that we're probably not much better.

  • georgia

    like the blonde hair

  • agent227

    What the fug is on her head? It looks like something someone threw out their window, and she didn't notice it landed on her.

  • Confused

    Why do they always repeat photos????

  • Observation

    She looks so thin and pale.

  • Previousley misguided opinion
    Previousley misguided opinion

    My bad, I thought Lindsey was the one with the dark hair. I take that back. She looks cute. Unrecognizable.

  • Myopinion

    ugh Lindsey looks horrible! Her sister looks cute though.