Lady GaGa Wants to Kill Kanye West!

Lady GaGa Wants to Kill Kanye West!-photo

Lady GaGa sure is a fickle creature. One minute she's rushing to the defense of her tourmate-to-be Kanye West, the next she's expressing her desire to kill him off.

Explaining the concept of her upcoming co-headlining Fame Kills tour with the 808s & Heartbreak rapper to SOHH, the Pantlsless One revealed:

"The storyline is that Kanye is on one end of the stage and I'm on the other, and the whole show, we are trying to get to where each other is. I want something that he has, which is the fame, and he wants something that I have, which is home, and my humble beginnings. So we battle each other throughout the entire performance to steal each other's spaces, So I'm essentially on a quest to kill Kanye West to steal his fame."

Oh, no! Is Kanye West gonna let Lady GaGa finish...him off?

Let us know in the comments section: Are you planning to check out Kanye and GaGa on their upcoming tour? 



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  • Kaya Camilla
    Kaya Camilla

    Isn't Kanye West such a major stage-stealer, Lady Gaga? For once, we've all been taken aback by his scandalous act in the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, where he literally filched Taylor Swift's "winning moment". At least, Lady Gaga is picking up on someone her own size, as famous as she is, in the proper time and place--practically in the common stage that she and Kanye West shared. Unlike Kanye who is totally inappropriate. Gaga is no non-sense. I've seen Gaga's interview with CNN, and it amazed me when she said that she spends every dollar she makes to her performances and she's hands-on on all these, not just your ordinary pop star who is spoon-fed with just every bit of fame they got to show off. And this is what she answered when interviewer Kristie Lu Stout asked about the scrutiny under the tremendous fame she's getting: "There's no downsides...I've always been taught that only value the opinions of those you respect, and anyone you don't respect, pay no mind to their opinion about you or anything else, and that's how I live my life." Bravo!

  • jen

    KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The world is over!!! She defends him!!! it must be the end of the world, or maybe it is explained because GAGA is really crazy nonsense lady!! SHE IS SO BAD LIKE HIM, SHE UNDERSTANDS HIM, BECAUSE SHE IS LIKE HIM, IDIOT, STUPID, NONSENSE.

  • guest

    This story is a bit misleading Celebuzz. The tag line is a bit misleading. It made me think that she was going to berate Kanye about his "Ima let you finish" thing. And I thought she meant like she was going to kill him as in take a gun to his head and shoot his brains out kind of homocide kill.

  • reneelucky7

    This story is a bit misleading Celebuzz.