Megan Fox Gives Her Body a No-Confidence Vote

Megan Fox Gives Her Body a No-Confidence Vote-photo

Megan Fox may well be on her way to becoming an international sex symbol, but the Jennifer's Body babe admits that she's not particularly happy with her looks, according to OK! Magazine.

Megan shockingly confesses,

"I don't have body confidence...I can wake up feeling thin and fit and then the very next day, nothing will have happened to change anything but I just feel I've gained 10 pounds overnight, nothing fits me and it's all wrong."

Really, Megan?

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Does Megan Fox have reason to worry about her body, or is she just trolling for sympathy? You may want to review the photographic evidence before making your decision.



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  • Sherrrrry

    What a stupid thing to say to the world, obviously if you're gonna pose around in your underwear and show millions of people you must be somewhat confident in your body girl...You think you've got it all and you know it, so in saying what you said, you sound pretty dumb

  • reneelucky7

    And no I am far from jealous- I have female friends that are very sexy that would give Megan a run for her money

  • reneelucky7

    Bull sh*t- Megan KNOWS that she is attractive. Have any of you heard of FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS?" Attractive people use this trick all of the time. "Ohhh, I am ugly, ohh I am fat." Just so people are reasure them that they are not come on people- step up your social game. Megan talks about how hot she is and that she can attract any man- and on the next comment she talks about how she is ugly.

  • jenny

    all these people who are commenting are like the best.. for once readers arent sh*tting on her because theyre jealous. love you megan denise!!

  • kim

    aww you guys above are so sweet...I too, Love Megan! I think she's smart and funny. oh and out of this world gorgeous!

  • nathan

    you are the best looking woman in the world im my eyes and heart right now dnt worry your geougous x

  • freddy

    your soo ho0ot u dont have to worry about your body ur boby is more than fiine !!!!!

  • Kris

    She's human! I'm sure EVERY girl feels this way sometimes....She may just feel it 10 times more because she's in the public eye. She's very beautiful :)

  • renulik

    i believe that everyone has this type of insecurities!!i have them..but she has nothing to worry about..she looks beautiful!

  • Mae

    she's just trying to relate to other women by revealing her insecurities. give her a break!