Stephanie Pratt Wants to Run From ‘The Hills’

Will Stephanie Pratt be departing from the hit reality series The Hills soon? If she has her way, the answer is a definite YES!

The sister of Hills baddie Spencer Pratt tells Hollyscoop that she figures that she and Lauren “Lo”  Bosworth will be following in Audrina Patridge’s footsteps and bolting from the show soon. And as far as she’s concerned, the sooner the better!

Says Pratt,

“I think Audrina, Lo and I are all going to leave after these 10 episodes [in the new season]…The Hills is very brutal.”

Gee, for the kind of money they’re paying the cast, you’d think that Steph could suck it up and stick it out for a while longer. So why all the discontent?

All Pratt will say for sure is that new addition Kristin Cavallari isn’t the cause of her angst. But she does hint that she’s not happy about how things have shifted on the show over the years:

We’ve all grown up. It’s not the original girls moving to LA trying to make it. Right now everyone’s fighting to be the queen or king of LA.”

Hmm; seems like a couple of her castmates may have already beaten her to that goal.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Stephanie Pratt would be wise to leave The Hills?