50 Cent Disses Lady GaGa and Kanye

It’s no secret that 50 Cent isn’t a fan of Kanye West.

The two rappers had an infamous battle of the CD sales in 2007, when both dropped albums on the same day.

Now, Fiddy is bring Lady GaGa into the picture.

Gabble Babble reports that the rapper appeared on the Angie Martinez radio show and when she asked about the “Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga” tour, he said:

    “Ah, the gay tour.”

After clarifying his statement by saying that that is what Lady GaGa had called the tour, Angie corrected him by saying that Lady GaGa told Kanye that she has a large gay following. So 50 said,

    “What did Kanye say, ‘Me, too?’”

He kept going,

“Kanye’s cool with the gay folk. I have nothing against them, but he’s cool with them. He goes and drops his video off to them…Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres. He went there to premiere his video. He’s conscious of the gay community and wants them to buy his CD.”

We wonder how Kanye is going to respond to this one…