Jon Gosselin Tries To Shut Down Production On His Show!

OMG! It’s soo on!

Just a day after TLC announced that it would be changing the name of Jon and Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin has announced that he will be attempting to shut down production at his Reading, PA home.

The reality daddy has put TLC on notice to “cease and desist” any television production of the show and leave his property, according to The Insider.

Gosselin’s attorney Mark Jay Heller says,

“Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show … because if he didn’t the family would be in a mortal accident … the victims of a trainwreck.”

In a new statement sent by Heller to TLC, Heller writes,

 ”…you state that your client has ‘…stated many times in the past, the Company will not undertake any conduct that either Kate or Jon truly believes is detrimental or potentially detrimental to their children.’

Jon Gosselin unequivocally believes that his children’s continued participation in your client’s television production is ‘detrimental’ to his children. Accordingly, Jon expects that your client will cease and desist from any and all further production which includes his eight children.

Effective immediately no production crews are to enter Jon Gosselin’s family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authority to effectuate Police action against any trespassers.”

What do you think about this shocking move by Jon? How do you think Kate will react to this? Share your thoughts below!

By the way: check out the incorrect spelling of Jon’s own name and “penalty.” It’s too hilarious!