Robert Pattinson: Prisoner of Fame?

So that’s how he manages to stay so pale.

Robert Pattinson’s Eclipse co-star Jack Huston says that everyone’s favorite sexy vampire has become a virtual prisoner of his own fame, and since arriving in Vancouver to shoot the movie, he’s barely left his hotel in an effort to avoid fans and paparazzi.

Huston tells OK! Magazine,

“I don’t think he gets to hang out with many people because he’s sort of jailed to his room. He can’t leave without being follow by a hundred people. There’s a price to fame. But hopefully he’s handling it okay.”

Hmm; tough call. On one hand, privacy for R-Pattz. On the other, his fans’ overwhelming desire to see his pretty mug as often as possible.

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Would you be willing to look at pictures of Robert Pattinson less often if it means granting him the solitude he craves?