Jon Gosselin Says He Was Gonna Quit Anyway, So There

Hey, you know how Jon Gosselin was dropped from Jon & Kate Plus 8 this week?

Yeah, well now he says that he was planning to leave the show anyway, so no big whoop.

Gosselin and his attorney, Mark Heller, appeared on Larry King Live on Thursday night to set the record straight, at least as they see it. According to their version of the truth, Gosselin had plans to quit and bring the whole show down weeks before he was canned.

Said Heller, 

“I’ve been talking about pulling the plug on this program ever since I became involved.”

Heller added that he considered the termination of the show a “done deal.” He also said that his client was canned because he planned to announce that he was ending the program out of concern for his children’s well-being on an upcoming episode—a claim that was somewhat contradicted by Gosselin’s assertion that he had “no idea” why he was dropped from the series.

Later in the show, show host Larry King read a statement from TLC declaring that they had received no word from Jon that he intended to terminate the series.

Check out the video of the interview and let us know in the comments section: Do you believe a word that comes out of Gosselin’s mouth at this point?