Lauren Conrad: “I’m an Awful Actor!”

Well, you have to give Lauren Conrad points for honesty, anyway.

The Hills defector tells People magazine that she has no intention of playing herself in the upcoming movie adaptation of her book L.A. Candy—because she really, really can’t act.

Says Conrad,

“I think my acting is offensive! I’m an awful actor, I’m not super comfortable with it. In fact I was just trying to do lines…and they’ll tell you, I cannot memorize lines.”

Even so, Lauren adds, she plans on playing a major behind-the-scenes role in the making of the film:

“If you’re putting your name on something, it’s really important to be a part of it, or else people will just do whatever they want with it, and then it’s not really you, and it won’t be true. I’m planning on being a part of it from start to finish.”

Hopefully, Lauren’s hands-on approach with the movie will prove more successful than it was with her failed fashion line.

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