Snoop Dogg-Miley Cyrus Duet Dreams Go Up in Smoke

What does Snoop Dogg think about when he goes home at night, kicks off his shoes, and fires up a fat blunt?

Apparently, his mind wanders toward recording with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

E! Online cornered Snoop on Thursday and followed up with him about a remark he’d made to them in April, when he expressed his desire to “make some gangsta pop music” with the Hannah Montana star and the JoBros.

Surprise! He didn’t remember making the statement, and blamed it on the weed:

“I must have been higher than a motherf*cker when I said that. I don’t remember that sh*t.”

And this is why you should just say no, kiddies.

The THC-friendly rapper also took a little dig at the Twilight franchise when the topic came up:

“My kids like True Blood. They’re into the hard stuff.”

Wonder if he’ll remember saying that in six months.