Tim Gunn Calls Robert Pattinson “A Little Sloppy”

Don’t expect Tim Gunn to be heaping accolades on Robert Pattinson for his fashion sense anytime soon.

Celebuzz caught up with Project Runway mentor Gunn at the Marshalls “Shop Till It Stops” anti-domestic violence event in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday and asked him the question that’s on everybody’s mind: What does he think about Twilight heartthrob Pattinson landing a spot on People magazine’s best-dressed list?

Gunn opined,

“Robert Pattinson…It’s a look. It’s a style. I mean, he could…he could be stunning, but I think it’s a little sloppy for my taste.”

Cue mass Twi-hard indignation in 3…2…1…

So if Pattinson isn’t Gunn’s cup of tea, who does he think does deserve the title of best-dressed man?

According to Gunn,

“I love George Clooney’s look. I think Justin Timberlake always looks great.”


Readers, do you agree with Tim Gunn’s assessment? You might want to look through our gallery of R-Pattz photos before making your decision.