VIDEO: David Letterman Comes Clean on Affairs, Extortion Plot

Wow; it was a Very Special Episode of Late Show With David Letterman on Friday night!

Host David Letterman took time out from the show to admit that, not only had he had affairs with several of his young female staffers, but he had become the victim of an extortion plot because of it.

Naturally, he did so with a fair amount of humor.

Letterman revealed that he had received a blackmail note in his car recently, demanding that he pay up  $2 million or else the blackmailer would go public about the affairs.

TMZ reports that 48 Hours producer Robert “Joe” Halderman—who until recently had been living with former Letterman assistant/rumored former fling Stephanie Birkitt—has been arrested in the case.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments section: Do you think Letterman handled the scandal properly?