Another Girlfriend for David Letterman?

Another Girlfriend for David Letterman?-photo

Apparently, David Letterman really did get around.

On Thursday, the Late Show host admitted on his show that he'd had relationships with several female staffers, and had become the victim of an extortion plot because of it. It was later revealed that former assistant Stephanie Birkitt was the woman at the center of the plot.

And now, TMZ reports, another woman has come forward to claim that she and Letterman had illicit relations.

Former intern Holly Hester—who interned on the show in the early '90s—says that she and Letterman had a year-long relationship that was kept a secret from the staff. According to Hester, the relationship began after Letterman called her up and asked her to the movies.

Says Hester, "I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious."

Apparently, the feeling wasn't mutual, as Dave eventually called the whole thing off.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you believe these accusations, or is Hester just trying to get in on the scandal action?



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  • Lu

    Don't forget, Letterman and his wife Regina also cheated together on another of his girlfriends that he was committed to at an earlier time

  • Letterman is a DOG
    Letterman is a DOG

    Letterman is a pig we all see now. The poor mrs and kid. What a dog, another so-called celebrity we see the real nature of. Why can't these pigs just break up with whomever they are with and stay single? Instead of possibly infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases etc, it could mean life or death nowadays, and not to mention having no respect for them??? Just disgusting.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares

    Another man who can't keep it zipped? There's no shock there. If you're old enough to remember the Johnny Carson years then you would know that he had a little issue with fidelity, too. As do a number of men. Although I find Letterman hilarious...that and his money wouldn't be enough to make find him physically attractive. Sorry, but doing Dave makes no sense to me, but hey, uglier men than he, Newt Gingrinch for instance, have had affairs, too. Some women just have no respect for themselves. These women knew he had a long-time live-in girlfriend - another former employee - and still they slept with the guy. As far as I'm concerned that makes the womem 50% of the problem.

  • Cheyenne

    I just feel sorry for Mrs Letterman and their son, having to hear her cuckolding husband make a joke out of his infidelities with employees. It makes me want to puke.