Jon Gosselin Wants Girlfriend Hailey On His New Show

Jon Gosselin may be off TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 for good, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be dissapearing from the small screen anytime soon.

That is, if he gets his way!

Gosselin is teaming up with buddy Michael Lohan on a new reality TV project, The Divorced Dads’ Club.

That’s not all! According to Radar, Jon wants to feature the girlfriends on the show—including his party-crazy GF Hailey Glassman, who just underwent breast enhancement surgery.

A source spills,

“Jon wants the show to feature the guys’ girlfriends. He’s promised Hailey that she will be a big part of the show. The show will focus on each dad’s life and Jon’s life with Hailey will be a big part of it.”

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