Kristen Stewart to Join the Marines?

Will Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart be donning military fatigues in the near future? It’s more likely than you think.

Coming Soon recently interviewed actor James Woods, who dished on a project he plans to direct, An American Girl, which he approached Stewart about “before she was famous.” Since reading the script, Woods says, Stewart has been very eager to get the movie made.

According to Woods, the story follows a recent high-school graduate who, after getting involved in booze and drugs, finds herself at the center of a sex scandal in her hometown and joins the Marines to escape the shame.

Woods explains, “The ironic thing is that along the way she starts learning these values she doesn’t expect…It’s not like she’s a gung-ho Marine.”

In Woods’ opinion, the role is “a slam-dunk Oscar for” Stewart.

Tell us in the comments section: Would you buy Kristen Stewart as a Marine?