VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Does Alanis Morissette, Kings of Leon

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Does Alanis Morissette, Kings of Leon-photo

Is there any song that Kelly Clarkson can't make her own?

The American Idol fave performed at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut on Friday, gracing the crowd with a cover of Alanis Morissette's "That I Would Be Good," combined with Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody."

Check out the video and let us know in the comments section: Just how talented is Kelly Clarkson?



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  • ion

    she seemed like a real person, not the normal regular singer-celeb who are super thin to make the image working, i think it's great the way she is now, wonderful and she seemed so talented and such a lovely person. Though she looked amazing when she is toned down as well.

  • gretchen

    LOVED IT!! What a great singer. and she has excellent taste in music too.

  • Krysti

    She is absolutely amazing!!!! I was actually at this concert :D She can sing anything!!!!!!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    She's as talented as she is burly. Which is to say, very.

  • Joyce

    Great - As Always!!!

  • peed

    OMFG!!! i just peed

  • anna

    wow kelly can sing!

  • geordio


  • Meitar Simanovich
    Meitar Simanovich

    I totally worship her. she is sooo super awesome and the great singer everr!


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