David Letterman’s Staffer Is a Cheater Too

The David Letterman sex scandal just keeps getting more and more twisted.

The New York Post reports that Letterman’s former staffer Stephanie Birkitt—who’s at the center of an alleged attempted extortion plot against the Late Show host—continued to see Letterman even after hooking up with CBS producer Robert “Joe” Halderman, who stands accused of blackmailing Letterman over his relationships with Birkitt and others.

Sources say that, according to passages in Birkitt’s diary—which was reportedly used by Halderman in his alleged extortion effort—reveal that Letterman and Birkitt went on romantic hikes with Letterman at his Montana ranch as recently as last fall (Letterman married wife Regina Lasko in March), while boyfriend Halderman remained home oblivious at the couple’s Connecticut home.

According to a source, at the time Birkitt told Halderman that she and her former boss were just friends, but Halderman exploded when he read Birkitt’s diary and discovered that they were still carrying on a romantic relationship. (Halderman and Birkitt had been living together in Norwalk, Connecticut, since 2004, when Halderman split with his wife.)

That’s not all; sources also tell the paper that Letterman would give his alleged mistress rides home to Connecticut at least once a week and, after she graduated from Benjamin Cardozo Law School in 2008, attempted to keep her on his payroll by offering her a job as his personal lawyer.

How convenient! And potentially messy!

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