Gossip Girl Will Be Serving Up A 3-Some!

Gossip Girl Will Be Serving Up A 3-Some!-photo

Ahh!! Things on Gossip Girl are gonna get absolutely, totally crazy!

EW has confirmed that the sexy CW show will feature three major characters having sex together on the November 9 episode.

So, next question: Who is involved in the threesome?

Well, it's definitely one of the following:

  • Chuck/Blair/Nate
  • Chuck/Blair/Josh
  • Chuck/Blair/Dorota
  • Nate/Bree/Carter
  • Serena/Carter/Georgina
  • Serena/Dan/Blair
  • Vanessa/Dan/Olivia
  • Georgina/Dan/Olivia
  • Rufus/Lily/Mr. Van der Woodsen

Who do you think it will be? Share your best guesses in the comments!



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  • Cassidy

    ohh crap when is that ? im deff watchinq it i think its Georgina/Dan/Olivia cause gorgina would do anything ; she's in love with dan but dan is to nice so im also thinking Chuck/Blair/Josh simply because chuck & blair our really freaky people have u seen their love games in the begining of season "3" ?! & on the last episode ?!

  • Kelley

    OMG!!! this is a total OMFG moment!!! but weirdly im excited!! GOO GG!!!

  • Mally

    Chuck, Blair and Josh!!!!! Its totally them since its a ! only after their names!! Tho I would like to see Chuck, Blair and Nate!! :D

  • obsessed

    chace crawford looks sooo cute!