Gossip Girl Will Be Serving Up A 3-Some!

Ahh!! Things on Gossip Girl are gonna get absolutely, totally crazy!

EW has confirmed that the sexy CW show will feature three major characters having sex together on the November 9 episode.

So, next question: Who is involved in the threesome?

Well, it’s definitely one of the following:

  • Chuck/Blair/Nate
  • Chuck/Blair/Josh
  • Chuck/Blair/Dorota
  • Nate/Bree/Carter
  • Serena/Carter/Georgina
  • Serena/Dan/Blair
  • Vanessa/Dan/Olivia
  • Georgina/Dan/Olivia
  • Rufus/Lily/Mr. Van der Woodsen

Who do you think it will be? Share your best guesses in the comments!