Jon Gosselin Trashes Kate, Says He’s Bigger Than Paris Hilton

Jon Gosselin’s head is expanding almost as quickly as his gut these days.

E! Online reports that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad revealed quite the mouthful to a trio of women he randomly hooked up with at the Chateau Marmont hotel over the weekend.

According to  a witness, the three women invited Gosselin to sit with them around midnight on Saturday in the hotel’s lounge area after seeing him hang out alone with only his manager Mike Heller as company.

Gosselin went on to unleash a torrent of “verbal diarrhea,” according to the spy, trash-talking his estranged wife Kate Gosselin and bemoaning how he has no privacy now that he’s famous.

Says the witness, “He kept calling [Kate] evil and psycho. He also said he has proof on all kinds of stuff that will come out down the road.”

Gosselin then went on to complain/brag about how famous he’d become, telling his new friends that “he was so famous that he can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi following him.” Papa Jon went so far as to claim that he’s more famous than Paris Hilton, and that 500 cars drive by the Gosselin residence in Pennsylvania on an average day.

Poor baby. You open your life up to the public on a reality show, proceed to act the jackass, and now people are gawking? Shocker!

Let us know in the comments section: Do you feel bad for Jon, now that he’s become a prisoner of his own fame?