Kate Gosselin Tells Jon He’s Out of Gas

Payback is a bitch—especially when it’s Kate Gosselin who’s dishing out the payback.

Radar Online reports that Kate Plus 8 mom Gosselin filed papers in Pennsylvania on Monday demanding that her estranged hubby Jon Gosselin not only pay back every penny that he secretly drained from their joint baking account, but also sell both his Mercedes and his BMW.

Over the weekend it was reported that Jon had withdrawn more than $200,000 from the couple’s account on the sly, leaving Kate with a mere $1,000 for her and their eight kids to get by on. And this naturally didn’t please Kate too much when she discovered the transactions on October 2nd.

Kate is asking that the Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania hold Jon in contempt of their Interim Arbitration Award and order him to pay back all the loot—which she claims he withdrew from August 8 to September 29 of this year—within 24 hours of the ruling.

And just for good measure, she wants the court to compel Jon to sell off his Mercedes and BMW and put the money in the escrow account in case he isn’t able to come up with all of the cash.

Oh, and she’s also demanding that Jon disclose how much he’s been paying his lawyer, Mark Heller, whose shady past includes a fraud violation. (Kate recently retained Los Angeles attorney Marty Singer to represent her.)

Low blow, Kate! How do you expect Jon to keep luring in the honeys without his luxury wheels?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Jon’s getting what he deserves, or is Kate just being mean-spirited?