PHOTO GALLERY: Rihanna & Lily Allen Love Chanel

Rihanna and Lily Allen, together in the same room?

Believe it, readers, for it is so.

The "Disturbia" singer and the It's Not Me, It's You warbler both turned up for the Spring/Summer Ready to Wear Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, and somehow the building managed not to collapse under the weight of their combined awesomeness.

Click the pics and let us know in the comments section: Who do you think looked better at Chanel's Ready to Wear show?



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  • Bill Glenney
    Bill Glenney

    I liked the photos of Lily Allen better than those of Rihanna. However, they didn't really show enough full shots of Lily. It seems the photo gallery was more about Rihanna than about Rihanna and Lily Allen.

  • Emily

    Do you think this is one of those fake celebrity face poses gone wrong!! Maybe she needs to practice it more in front of the mirror!!

  • Emily

    Please Rihana grow some sort of feminine hairstyle i absolutely hate her hair style WTF was she thinking its like she decided to shave her head and then wimped out at the last minute! At least Britany went all the way with it!