Simon Cowell Raunched it up at His Birthday Party

Sounds like Paula Abdul missed quite the party!

The Daily Star reports that American Idol judge Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday bash in England on Saturday was a sleazy little affair, including a sex-toy show, a “reverse stripper” and random naked guests.

The festivities for the soiree included an entertainer who, dressed up as female genitalia, took to the stage and pretended to use a variety of sex toys.

Baffling? You bet—especially to Cowell’s 82-year-old mother, Julie, who was in attendance.

Says Cowell’s publicist, Max Clifford,

“The funniest thing was seeing Simon trying to explain it to his mum, who was there with a priest and some of her friends from church. She asked what [the genitalia costume] was and he told her it was a sideways mouth and a toothbrush but it was very suggestive and it was very clear what it was supposed to be.”

That wasn’t the only eyeful that Mama Cowell got. Another act included a practically naked woman who took to the stage and began clothing herself in a “reverse striptease” act.

Oh, and at one point in the party—which wrapped up at about 5 in the morning—an anonymous naked dude was escorted from the event in a car.

Good times, good times…

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