Billy Ray Cyrus Hates Miley’s New Boyfriend

In a shocking twist of events, it seems like Billy Ray Cyrus actually doesn’t approve of daughter Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Yep, the same guy that set his 16-year-old daughter up with a then 20-year-old Justin Gaston is actually ticked off about his daughter’s new love.

Even though at 18 years old, Liam is much closer in age to Miley, the “all-controlling” Billy Ray is worried the young couple’s relationship is ”going too far, too fast.”

A source tells the Chicago Sun-Times that Miley and her dad are constantly fighting about Liam and it’s “causing a lot of conflict in the family.”

Isn’t it a little late for Billy Ray to start handing out parenting advice? Share your thoughts in the comments!