EXCLUSIVE: Lucas Till Went To Marine Bootcamp With Ne-Yo!

Lucas Till loves interacting with his fans (Follow him on Twitter much?) and the Hannah Montana actor’s new iPhone App will be taking that interaction to a new level—which is good news to all you Sci-Fi fans out there.

Till is currently slaying aliens on the set of his latest movie, Battle: Los Angeles, along with R&B superstar-turned-actor Ne-Yo!

The two actors went straight to bootcamp to prepare for their roles as members of the U.S. Marine Corps, and Till tells Celebuzz exclusively that Ne-Yo left his attitude at home and brought his sense of humor.

“I have really high expectations of people who have a lot of attention on them and how they act as human beings, and this guy, he’s blowing up the radio right now and he’s so… normal. I mean he comes up and does Hank Hill impersonations from King of the Hill. Hilarious.”

But that doesn’t mean that the actors’ bootcamp training is all fun and games. He shared,

You’re not even awake yet and you’re doing push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, running and that’s not even a fraction of what you do as a Marine,” Till said. “Basically we go through all the training that [the Marines] do in 3 weeks instead of their 6.”

So what’s one thing you can check out from the movie on Till’s new iPhone App? His new grown-up hairstyle.

“It’s a military haircut now. I have it real short, and that’s the way I like it because I look NOT like a kid!”

Are you excited to see Till and Ne-Yo light up the big screen?