Lamar Odom Isn't As Dumb As We Think

Lamar Odom Isn't As Dumb As We Think-photo

Khloe Kardashian may have gotten her dream wedding last weekend to LA Laker star Lamar Odom, but that doesn't mean he's giving her all his money!

TMZ has learned that Lamar has already met with his lawyer to create a pre-nup before making his wedding to Khloe official.

Odom's people told reporters that "Lamar has a set of balls" and won't just be handing out Khloe his hard-earned money.

"Lamar wants to make sure the money and other assets he brings into the marriage are solely his. Beyond that, we're told Lamar ain't giving Khloe half of his earnings going forward."

Smart thinking, buddy!



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  • wutaboutHISKIDZ

    wut about his kidz w/his COMMON LAW WIFE??? is Khloe gonna adopt them - waz this in her "post-nup"????? enquiring mindz wanna know wut the REAL MRS LAMAR ODOM a/k/a THE MOMMY thinkz about "her man", her "idiot" now.....and don't kid yourselves...CALI is a COMMUNITY PROPERTY STATE...he doesn't make up law, legislators do...sorry LO, you're one big idiot....SHOULD'VE MARRIED THE OLD LADY HAVING YOUR BABIES INSTEAD OF THE HO-LLYWOOD (UN)REALITY TYPE...CUZ NOW U WILL BE GIVIN UR INCOME TO BOTH....N ESPECIALLY THE KIDZ. 2 BAD SO SAD KHLOE, THEY GET MORE THAN U.

  • Anna

    Good for him!! He is way worth more than she is!!! That's just smart business!!

  • damie316


  • AJ

    Does she even need his money? What kind of money do these girls have?