Taylor Lautner Gets Bent in Italian Vogue for Men

Taylor Lautner Gets Bent in Italian Vogue for Men-photo

Goodness, Taylor Lautner, that's quite the pose you're flaunting!

In keeping with today's theme of limber New Moon hunks, here's Taylor in Italian Vogue for Men, getting all twisted—and wet—for the masses.


In the interview, Lautner spills about his desire to work with Matt Damon, Denzel Washington and director Ridley Scott, and also talks about his taste in music:

"I’m a fan of U2, who I’ll see this autumn in Vancouver during Eclipse filming. But if I have to dance, I prefer Black Eyed Peas."

Don't we all, Taylor. Don't we all.

Let us know in the comments section: What do you think of Taylor Lautner's photo-shoot for Italian Vogue for Men?



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  • Izzie

    thanks a lot for the nice comment, rocknmovies... anyway, as for Taylor-what could I say?- I'm proud of him.

  • rocknmovies

    He tries too hard. Ugly face with pug nose and small squinty eyes, and he on the short side, he is larger than tall.

  • kelis

    RobPatt is not in the vogue magazines because he's not as SEXY as Taylor is.! LMAO!! I had a good laugh...! Soo childish! whatever.. ehm taytay what you're doing?! Come on kid, you're trying so hard..

  • Jasmine

    Oh please, he is damn sexy and all of you know it! RobPatt is not in the vogue magazines because he's not as SEXY as Taylor is. And if it is an ad for gay men it looks pretty darn good to me!

  • fdesignercuttie

    hes hot and stuff, you cant deny his MUSCLES. but i prefer robert. why cant robert do this? SNIIFF.

  • QuiltybyOccasion

    looks like an ad for a gay mens magazine O.k. Am curious. How would you know how one looks LIKE?!

  • Ronnia

    WOW! WP! Taylor Lautner, yes, yes, yes,!

  • Jessica

    dont care, hes gorggeeeee..&im not compaining - if you ladies dont want his raunchy, "gay" poses - ill make good use of them :) xx

  • lahe27

    he's sexy lol!!!!!

  • reena

    looks like an ad for a gay mens magazine

  • LoveJacob

    Ooo la la. HOTTNESS!!! He doesn't have to try to be "sexy"!! He simply IS SEXY!!! He doesn't have to try with a body like that!!! Being 17 doesn't mean he can't look that good. How many of the guys in ur high school look that good at 17? Mines didn't have that many. Sadly. Oh well. Feast your eyes on him!! YUMMY!!!

  • obsessed

    what's up with him and being in all vogue magazines! he looks hot and all but id prefer to see rob.

  • alize

    He is only 17! He is trying soooooo hard to be sexy! That's not good!

  • KE

    I don't know, it seems a little raunchy for a seventeen year old kid.

  • Ida

    SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS AWESOME!

  • ME ME
    ME ME