Kate Gosselin Has a Hankerin’ for Some Spankerin’

When it comes to discipline, Kate Gosselin apparently really gives her kids a hand.

According to Us Magazine, the Kate Plus 8 mom’s estranged husband, Jon Gosselin, has been spreading the word that Kate is a big fan—perhaps too big—of corporal punishment.

A source tells the magazine,

“Jon says she spanks the kids all the time. All she has to do is look at them and they get scared.”

Kate’s alleged slap-happy ways have spurred Jon to come up with a new nickname for her: “Monster mom.”

Kate shocked the nation back in July, when photos of her giving a few swats to daughter Leah hit the Internet.

And apparently, her hands aren’t the only parts to dish out stiff discipline to the Gosselin’s mega-brood; sometimes her feet get into the action too.

The source adds that, during one particularly violent moment of child-rearing, Kate “kicked a lego building into a million pieces because the boys didn’t put it away the first time she asked them to.”

Maybe she was just playing Godzilla?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kate is being too harsh on her kids? And how do you feel about spanking in general?