David Hasselhoff Hospitalized Again After Getting Drunk, Punching Doctor

David Hasselhoff has had quite the busy week. Quite the busy, drunken week.

The Sun reports that the Hoff was hospitalized in a rehab unit—for the second time in as many months—in London after going on a bender that included bed-wetting and accidentally clocking a doctor who was called to help him.

Sources say that the binge began over the weekend, at cohort Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party. But that just proved to be a launching pad for the Hoff’s drunken spree, during which he drank for days in his room at the St. Martins Lane Hotel.

A source close to the Hoff tells the paper,

“David is very hard to handle when he drinks, often very emotional and aggressive. On this occasion he became so drunk he wet his hotel bed—ruining two mattresses —and was becoming a real pain for staff.”

The source goes on to note that Hasselhoff’s assistant Joe Townley, troubled by his boss’s behavior, called Dr. Paul Ettinger to look after him—but the Hoff, enraged at his assistant’s boldness, lashed out at Townley and mistakenly struck Ettinger, who quickly developed a bruised forehead.

At which point hotel staffers dragged Hasselhoff to the basement while they awaited an ambulance to take the former Baywatch star to Caprio Nightingale Hospital.

According to hotel guest Maria Weston, who spied Hasselhoff carrying on and cursing in the hotel bar prior to the hospitalization,

“He was abusing all the staff, shouting at everyone. We were shocked—you’d think he was just some drunk, not a big star.”

Can’t he be both?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think David Hasselhoff will ever pull his act together?