Jon and Kate Gosselin Keep it Civil For Their Twins’ Birthday Party

Whew; crisis averted!

Despite the potential for a showdown of the century, former Jon & Kate Plus 8 couple Jon and Kate Gosselin managed not to strangle each other to death during their twin daughters’ ninth-birthday party in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

Kate actually set aside her reported plans to limit Jon to a two-hour visit, and let her soon-to-be-ex stay until the kids’ bedtime.

“We’re trying to be cordial for Mady and Cara,” Jon told reporters during the festivities, according to E! Online.

Kate even managed to disregard the fact that Jon broke etiquette and brought along a cake to the party, despite the fact that she had already baked one from scratch and he probably totally knew it, the big jerk.

Could all of this sudden civility be the first step toward a reunion? Share your predictions in the comments section!