Katie Holmes Puts Tom Cruise on a Sex Diet

Now here’s a diet that seems easy to stick to.

OK! Magazine reports that Katie Holmes has put her husband Tom Cruise on a slimming-down regimen that includes lots and lots of sex.

Apparently, Tom has been bulking up on Katie’s home-baked sweets lately and, in an effort to whip her man into shape, she’s cut carbs from his meals, enforced a jogging schedule for him—and told him that they need to make love more often.

According to a TomKat insider,

“Katie read somewhere that you burn up 600 calories just by having sex three to four times a week. So she’s told Tom to think about how much they’d burn up if they put daily sex sessions on their schedule!”

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the idea appeals to Cruise, the source continues:

“Tom thinks the sex order is the best part of Katie’s diet plan, and he’s promised to up the bedroom romps whenever they are in the same town…just for the sake of his diet!”

Do you think this is just a ploy for Katie to get more lovin’ from her husband? Let us know in the comments!