Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Eat Fresh

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Eat Fresh-photo

You guys are back together, so smile!

Kim Kardashian was spotted grabbing some healthy Subway with boyfriend Reggie Bush yesterday in Los Angeles.

The two got back together two weeks ago, right after Khloe got married to hubby Lamar Odom. Kim took a red-eye flight to New Orleans on September 28 to reunite with the New Orleans Saints running back.

How cute do they look back together! Do you approve?



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  • allison

    so true about the comment you made about her not being black shawna. if she was a beautiful chocolate diva then no one would be saying that they were a hot couple. it scares me that people are so pressed for them to get married, just what is it going to do for you personally if they do?

  • shawna

    you people kills me with the they make a hot couple they look good together if she was black would you all say that nope. reggie just like any other black man he's rich and dont want to date his own and thinks he's better than his own. this couple in 2or 4 years from now will not be together. and to all the ones making the comment that people r jealous of her she's famous for nothing she doesn't work hard work hard of showing her ass thats all ! she doesn't know what's it like to struggle and she's fake from breast to ass.she's pretty yeah but not a positive role model and how could u be jealous of that.

  • woohoo

    AMEN Karissa!!!! and kim stop with the plastic surgery! ur face is wax-like!

  • Karissa

    TJ, What game has REggie played well in thise season, the guy makes a ton of money, you think he is earning it. No instead is running to California to be with that skank instead of trying to up his game. You may think we are hating but you are so wrong, when this guy is no longer on celebrity status, she will dump him so fast, mark my words. She is an attention whore who can't stand the fact that her sisters are getting more airtime then her now. Yes, you are right he is only 24 and I am sure he does not want to be pressured into marriage like Ryan Seacrest wanted to it could boost ratings, that is why they broke up.

  • T.I.

    Get a LIFE Karissa and Allison--you know nothing about their relationship. The man is only 24 years old, I'm sure he'll be playing for a least another 10 years. He hasn't gone downhill, the Saints are 4-0. He didn't play well at the last game, but he's a great player. Stop HATING...LOSERS

  • allison

    karissa, you are sooo right. when its all said and done, and he no longer plays football, she won't want anything to do with him. its crazy the way people just use one another for their 15 minutes.

  • Karissa

    He is on the top of his game, please what REggie Bush are you watching, the guy has gone downhill fast thanks to Kim and her distractions. Bet when he is not famous anymore she wont be chasing him around.

  • anonymiss

    They are like made for each other! He's DAMN hot! and she's BEAUTIFUL! Plus I reckon they alike - he's humble yet at the top of his game and she's humble yet on every magazine/headline out there! AWESOME COUPLE = AMAZING BABIES! ;P

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Because nothing says love like a five-dollar footlong.

  • Anna

    He doesn't look happy bc he doesn't like all the MEDIA in his FACE!! So happy they are back together! Love kim & Reggie!!!

  • Carly

    He does not look to happy!

  • Vanesa

    So glad they are back together! I think they make a really cute couple! I think they are meant for each other and I think Kims is going to have the next Kardashian Wedding! :))

  • patrickpam



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