Simon Cowell is Doggone Generous

Simon Cowell may come off like a human iceberg while hosting American Idol, but underneath that cold exterior beats the heart of a true puppy-lover.

Cowell recently single-handedly saved the WorldHeart Foundation, which cares for up to 50 abandoned pooches at once, by laying a $30,000 donation on the organization, which is run by former Exorcist actress Linda Blair. Prior to the generous endowment, the Foundation had been in danger of shutting down.

Blair sang the praises of Cowell following the donation, gushing,

“I really thought I’d reached the end of my rope. But then, from out of the blue, came a miracle named Simon Cowell.”

Cowell, meanwhile, was quick to note that the admiration is mutual:

“I think what Linda is doing is incredible. Seeing pictures of the dogs makes you realise what a fantastic job she’s doing. When we spoke, I was really impressed by her passion and commitment, and offered to help her out financially.”

Of course, with the money that Cowell is making these days, thirty grand is a drop in the bucket, but still…