VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Raps About Twitter, Y’all!

Oh, please no.

Ever wondered about Miley Cyrus’ future rap career? Well, your wait is over!

In response to her totally outrageous twitter-retirement, the 16-year-old has created a new video for her fans. Naturally.

“The rumors are true, I deleted my Twitter,” she raps, complete with dancers in the background.

“Yeah, you write what you’re doing but who really cares. If I’m playing with Noah or just doing my hair. Everything that I type and everything I do. All those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news.”

“Yo, it wasn’t because my friend [Liam Hemsworth] told me to. Ya’ll know very well what you say I don’t do. And the reasons are simple, I started tweeting about pimples. I stopped living for moments and started living for people.”

Watch the video (if you dare) and please share your thoughts, feelings, rage in the comments!