Jessica Simspon Dogged by Prank Daisy Sightings

Much like Elvis Presley before her, Jessica Simpson’s beloved Malti-poo Daisy—who was abducted and presumably killed by a coyote last month—has been the subject of many posthumous sightings lately.

And Simpson has had just about enough of it.

Apparently, cruel hoaxers have been besieging Jessica’s family and friends, reporting that Daisy is indeed alive and well, so Simpson took to her Twitter page late Sunday in hopes of putting an end to it.

Jessica tweeted,

“People have been contacting my family and friends saying that Daisy has been found. Untrue. People are so cruel..please respect her memory.”

As you may recall, Simpson hoped against hope last month that Daisy might be found alive after the coyote made off with her, even employing the services of a pet-finding business.

Apparently, after coming to grips with the facts, Jessica would like the rest of the world to do the same.