Jon Gosselin Blasts TLC, Declares Love for Hailey Glassman

Who does Jon Gosselin blame for his current sad state of affairs?

If you answered, “himself,” you obviously don’t know this guy.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad recently granted an interview to PopEater, during which he lashed out at network TLC for making his split with wife Kate Gosselin even messier than it would have been.

Says Jon,

“TLC hates me, so they have it out against me … I hate that TLC gets involved because they’re making it worse. We’d be done already if it wasn’t for them getting involved.”

Gosselin continues,

“I really messed up in my communication with Kate. I don’t know if the marriage could have been salvaged or not, but TLC had a major role in that. I said a lot and they edited it out. It’s always good cop, bad cop. Good cop good cop never sells. First, Kate was bad cop and I was the good guy, then it switched in the tabloids and then on TV.”

Maybe he shouldn’t have agreed to nationally televise his personal life, then?

Papa Jon also spoke up to defend his current lady-love Hailey Glassman, who he feels has been unfairly thrust into the spotlight:

“It’s like taking a private citizen and throwing them onto television. Nobody wants their college pictures drudged up, especially if college is only four years ago for you. That’s why it’s so embattled, because it’s so current. You have President Obama who smoked pot like 20 or 30 years ago, or you have someone young with a celebrity who’s smoke pot four years ago, so it’s pretty current.”

The difficulties of their relationship aside, Gosselin says that he and Glassman are hanging tight together:

“She loves me and wants to be by my side. I respect her for that and I love her for it. Everyone else that’s come into my life has basically taken money from me, burned me in the media, said lies about me and tried to drive wedges into my relationship with my family.”

Sounds like he’s finally found true, lasting love…

Let us know in the comments section: Do you agree with Jon that TLC further messed up his deteriorating marriage?