Jon Gosselin Says Kate’s Holding Out on Him

Jon Gosselin wants his estranged wife Kate Gosselin to show him the money.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad—who’s been accused by his ex of secretly draining the couple’s joint bank account—says that she’s been dipping into the family till too, and he’s gonna battle it out in court with her over it.

Radar Online reports that Papa Jon and his lawyers have filed court papers accusing Kate of unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts, claiming $1 million has gone mysteriously missing, and now Jon wants to know where that cash went.

The papers filed by Gosselin’s legal team (led by Mark Heller) read, in part,

“Husband believes…wife is continuing to hide marital funds….husband admits that he has taken funds from the joint money market account, Husband avers that wife has removed funds from the account as well.”

The papers are also requesting that Kate be held in contempt of court, claiming that she hasn’t provided Jon of an accounting of the money she allegedly withdrew from June 22 through July 6, in violation of a court order.

What a mess! By the time the legal fees are paid on all this, they probably won’t have a penny between them.

Tell us in the comments section: Whose side do you fall on in this legal battle—Jon or Kate’s?