PHOTO GALLERY: Jared Leto Films a Music Video

Way to stump for alternative transportation, Jared Leto!

Leto and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, filmed a video for their latest single "Kings and Queens" in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, along with about a bazillion or so fellow bicycling enthusiasts.

A nice sentiment but, uh, no helmets? Wouldn't want that pretty little head of yours get damaged, Jared. Safety first, people!

Click through our photo gallery to take a spin with Jared Leto. You know you want to...



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  • Shalia Roberts Thibodeaux
    Shalia Roberts Thibodeaux

    I absolutely love this video! and the song is an epic anthem of a song,I love that we get to see this view of LA in the middle of the night,you don't see this unless you live there....

  • Believer Of Mars
    Believer Of Mars

    wish i was there! i'm from england :(. CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR KINGS & QUEENS!