Trace Cyrus Defends Miley's Twitter-Quit

Trace Cyrus Defends Miley's Twitter-Quit-photo

You know how Miley Cyrus totally quit Twitter, leaving her followers in the dark about her daily goings-on?

Yeah, well Miley's big bro, Trace Cyrus, says that everyone should get off her back about it, because she has her reasons.

The elder Cyrus tells J-14 that Miley explained to him why she abandoned her Twitter account, and her reasoning is perfectly logical.

Trace explains,

"I think she just wants to be more free in life. She said it to me the best that I could have heard anyone say it—she said she wants to live her life more than tweet about it, which completely makes sense to me. If she's spending all her time on the computer just talking about what she's doing, there's so much more life out there to live. When she said that to me, it really all made sense."

And what of their dad Billy Ray Cyrus' impassioned pleas to Miley to hop back on the tweet train?

Says Trace,

"My dad—he shocks me with that! I think it's the first Web site he's been able to use ever—at all. He's just trying to keep the whole world on it!"

Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Miley will return to Twitter? Should she?

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  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Thing is, Miley used twitter very wrongly. It would have been an easy, convenient medium to interact with fans. Instead she used it as her own personal public diary. I personally don't use twitter to tell what I am doing. I mainly discuss with fellow fans and interact with celebrities, directors, writers, producers etc. I don't put in twitter what I'm doing in the moment, since I know no one would care. I know this might not be the best way to use twitter, but at least it does not ruin my life for me. You just log in and do everything for 20 minutes.

  • J.T.

    i don't really care if she uses twitter or not! it doesn't affect me! i just hate all the publicity she's getting over her quitting twitter! its annoying! 2,114,000 people who were following her on twitter wondered what was up. At first, I thought something was wrong with my computer. She was the twelvth most followed on twitter and climbing. She already gets plenty of publicity. The publicity is to help the media fill airtime more than to help Miley.

  • jen

    she has good reasons to quit twitter but I wish she didn't actualy delete it

  • lahe27

    i don't really care if she uses twitter or not! it doesn't affect me! i just hate all the publicity she's getting over her quitting twitter! its annoying!

  • John

    If celebrities are going to drive traffic to twitter, they should be paid. Twitter claims it's worth a billion dollars.

  • jerk

    I think everyone should get off twitter. Who cares what everyone is doing? Trace looks like the poster boy for hepatitis or something.

  • Richard Moyle
    Richard Moyle

    Metro Station one of the worst bands around right now and Trace Cyrus is a complete tool. As is the entire Cyrus family. I wish they'd all get off Twitter.

  • miley fan
    miley fan

    i love the relationship between miley and her brother . it realy shows that they r a strong close family nomatter what ! CYRUS ROCKS