Christina Aguilera Digs the Naked Chicks

No wonder Christina Aguilera picked a movie about burlesque dancers for her cinematic debut.

The “Dirrty” singer ‘fesses up in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK that she has a profound appreciation for the female form, particularly in its unclothed state.

Says Christina,

“And, I mean, I’m attracted to men ultimately—I’m married and I love my husband and I love what we do together, but honestly? If I had a choice between viewing a naked man or a naked woman, I’d choose the woman. We’re just naturally sexier and more beautiful to look at.”

Huh; apparently she’s never feasted her eyes on this guy.

That appreciation, she notes, extends to her own unclothed body:

“I feel sexiest in the nude … [husband Jordan Bratman] has a way of making me feel sexy … When you see something you dislike and your partner looks at you and embraces it, it makes you feel good.”

Bet he feels pretty good when he sees you nude too, Christina.

Let us know in the comments section: Does Christina Aguilera have a point, or is her gender bias showing?