Joe Francis Swears He Loves Gay People

Among the celebs that walked for gay rights at this weekend’s DC rally were Lady GaGa, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, and, um, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis?!

Francis swears that his presence at this weekend’s march for equality wasn’t to mend his troubled image. As you may recall, a videotape surfaced last week of him physically harassing Hills reality TV star Jayde Nicole.

He told Page Six,

“With the gay movement, it’s personal. The same religious-right [bleep]holes who took away my civil rights and put me in jail for a year because they don’t like what I do for a living have taken away gay rights. I know firsthand how it feels to have your civil rights stripped from you.”

Francis also added, “P.S., lots of lesbians marched, too.” But of course!

What do you think, readers? Was Joe Francis there just to look good or do you think he really cares?