Jessica Simpson: Still Missing Miss Daisy

A month after losing her Malti-poo Daisy to a hungry coyote, Jessica Simpson is still grieving over the demise of her beloved canine companion.

Somehow managing to temporarily hold back the tears, Simspon told Us Magazine on Tuesday,

“Daisy meant the world to me. I hold her memory very, very close. It was an unfortunate thing what happened. That I don’t have her every day…It’s a very hard thing to talk about.”

As for whether she could ever bring herself to love another dog, only the future will tell. But Simpson is sure that, if she ever does find puppy love again, she has Daisy’s blessings.

Says Simpson,

“I haven’t really thought about another dog yet, but maybe sometime. “[Daisy] would want that.”

We all do, Jess. We all do.

Let us know in the comments section: How long do you think Jessica Simpson should wait to move on, out of respect for Daisy’s memory?