PHOTO GALLERY: Marisa Miller Is Good at Modeling Bikinis

Who says summer has to end?

Marisa Miller pretties up the latest Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Catalog, barely concealing her fine form in an array of skimpy bikinis. That's why she gets paid the big bucks, folks.

Like we really have to tell you, you can click through our photo gallery to bask in the full bikini-clad glory that is Marissa Miller. As if you're even still reading this.



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  • ZZ

    Sometimes its not so much the swimsuit, as it is what's IN the swimsuit. My my my.

  • shalia

    World Swimwear has such cute swimsuits if not better than VS.

  • Salie

    World Swimwear has just as cute swimsuits if not better than VS.

  • noah

    I GUESS I'd let her make out with me. No eye contact though, that's how girls get pregnant.